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Things are happening with OpenSeadragon, but you won't see it here. Head over to GitHub to become part of the OpenSeadragon community!

Project Description
OpenSeadragon aims to be a framework agnostic and completely open version of the Ajax-based Deep-Zoom viewer from

Microsoft® created a fantastic Ajax-based control for viewing Deep Zoom content (hosted at In September 2009, they contributed it back to the community as part of the ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit under the New BSD license. This is great except that the Ajax Control Toolkit is coupled tightly with ASP.Net Web Forms and Microsoft® Ajax which makes it very difficult to use without that server-side framework and the associated Javascript library.

OpenSeadragon aims to be a framework agnostic and completely open source version of Seadragon™ that can be hosted from your own site. Initially, the download contains a sample site using the library with ASP.Net MVC, but it should work great on any webpage.

Usage Instructions
1. Copy the OpenSeadragon.min.js file to your scripts directory.
2. Include it in your page.
3. Follow the example site for pointing at your DZI or XML Deep Zoom file.
Or look at the Seadragon™ developer documentation (not all APIs are the same, but this can get you started until we are able to write documentation for this project).

Please post any bugs/enhancement requests to the Issue Tracker page. And if you create fixes please join the project and submit them for everyone to enjoy.

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